Cold Lake, AB Canada

This was part of my double exposure series. I found that the typical light painting shot was lacking a foreground and a background, leaving the photo to completely rely on the steel wool to fill the frame. By adding an extra exposure I was able to bring the colours out in the sky, giving it that fiery glow.

2 exposures   -   1st 35/1 seconds, ISO 100, F7.1     -    2nd 67/1 seconds, ISO 400, F4.5   -   Canon T3i with Tokina 11-16mm AT-X pro

Kinisoo Beach, AB Canada

Light painting isn’t something that is easily understood at first glance. The effect seen in this photo is simple in practice though. My workflow for taking a light painting shot goes something like this. First off I will leave late at night and I’ll set my camera on a tripod (this is very important). Next I program the camera to take a shot that is somewhere between 15 seconds and several minutes long.  While the shutter is open I will use different light sources to great light trails which the camera picks up. Essentially in the picture above the camera is picking up hundreds of tiny sparks that are being thrown from our steel wool contraption. This works in because in a dark setting the camera won’t pick up any light, but by adding a light source to the frame the camera will pick it up. Giving the strange light trail effects that are so famous of light Photography.

30/1 seconds, ISO 100, F6.3    -    Canon T3i with Tokina 11-16mm AT-X pro

It’s a Journey

Iron Horse Trestle Bridge, AB Canada

After a beautiful night camping out on the old burnt bridge watching the Leonids meteor shower we woke up the most brilliant golden fog. Waking up in a hammock over 200ft up on a bridge is a spectacle in itself, but the towering fog just completed everything.  With all our camping gear completely soaked in dew we walked through the fog and reminisced about the previous night.  

1/320 seconds, ISO 200, F10   -   Canon T3i with 18-55mm kit lens

Oh Buoy

Galveston, Texas U.S.A.

Staying next to a rattlesnake and coyote reserve made this shot a bit sketchy. The beach where this shot taken was across the reserve which only had a bridge halfway across it. In the dead on night walking through thick grass, double checking that you don’t step on a snake made this one of my scariest shots. Once I got to the beach I was able to relax at least. Waiting 2 hours, listening to the wave roll in while my camera continued to track the stars.

Seventy-two 30 second exposures taken at ISO 800, F2.8   -   Canon T3i with Tokina 11-16mm AT-X pro

The View

Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona U.S.A.

Northern Arizona has got to be one of my favourite places. The hiking and adventures are endless. Unfortunately I only had two days to spend in page, but it was a full two days. Filling it up with exploring the famous Antelope Canyon, Glen Bow Dam and finally marvelling at the vastness of Horseshoe Bend. Definitely going to go back and visit again one day.

1/250 seconds, ISO 100, F7.1   -   Canon T3i with Tokina 11-16mm AT-X pro

Winter Solitude

Marie Creek, AB, Canada

Marie Creek in the summer is one of my favourite rivers to kayak down, it’s a pretty relaxing kayak, but it has some good rapid sections that are fun to play in. As the river was slowly freezing it almost seemed to slow down and relax. With almost total silence I was able to enjoy setting up a long exposure of the sun setting and watch a small fox jump around in the snow on the other side of the river. 

54/1 seconds, ISO 100, F4.5   -   Canon T3i with Tokina 11-16mm AT-X pro