Location: Spirit Island, Jasper National Park, AB, Canada.

Description: One of Canada’s most iconic islands: Spirit Island is a must see if visiting Jasper National Park.  If you are a kayaker this beauty is a 12KM kayak down a lake and well worth the trip.  Otherwise, there is the option for a tour which gives you about 10 min to take a snappy of the island. 

Location: Port Moody, BC, Canada

Description: In all the other photos I took in this collab - I had to travel to a location, set up, and take the shot. This is a handheld snappy from the balcony of my home - goes to show that even a random shot can be beautiful without getting in the car.

Location: Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC, Canada

Description:  I don’t stop exploring in the winter, and this location is an hours drive and 6 hours hike into back-country bliss.  Although there is not much snow right in Vancouver BC during the winter (yes, not all of Canada is under snow all the time in the winter!), there is plenty of snow up in the alpine. 

Location: Banff National Park, AB, Canada

Description: Every summer, somewhere in western Canada the forest burns.  Most of the time it is a natural cycle usually triggered by lightning strikes.  Sometimes, it is set off by people and sometimes destroys homes.  I captured this on the side of the highway in the summer of 2013 driving between Banff and Lake Louise – the circular vortex like pattern really caught my attention so I had to get a quick snappy of it.