@PhotoJBartlett is taking over our feed this week and he’s posting his favourite water-themed images from the Canadian Rockies. He knows January means cold weather and that many people either embrace it or dream of summer, so he’s taking this collab a step further. While we’ll be highlighting his summer images, he’ll feature winter images of the exact same locations.

Athabasca Falls is one of my favorite subjects, no matter the season. In the summer, the water levels varies from a thunderous waterfall to a trickle. In the winter, it looks quite different, so check out the latest post on my feed - @PhotoJBartlett – for the comparison. 

Emerald Lake Lodge is nestled on the edges of a tranquil alpine lake, surrounded by the majestic Canadian Rockies. Yes, travel writers could throw all sorts of clichés at this location, but I just prefer to call it beautiful, no matter the season. Check out the winter version on @PhotoJBartlett

Pyramid Mountain is one of the most recognizable landscapes in Jasper National Park. I can actually see the mountain from my front yard; however, this view across Pyramid Lake is my favorite. Winter version @PhotoJBartlett

What can I say about Lake Louise? It’s probably the most photographed landscape in western Canada. I’ve photographed it so many times, yet I always walk away with an image I love. This is my last winter/summer collaboration, so remember to visit @PhotoJBartlett! Thanks!